Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Seniors’ May Benefit From Technological Advancements

A recent article in the U.S. News and World Report discusses several technological advancements under development that may benefit the lives of older adults.  One example they cite that is already available is remote health monitoring systems that permit patients to take their own vital signs and send them to their medical provider.  Additionally shoe insoles with GPSs inserted in them have also been developed as a way to track someone with Alzheimer’s.  

Still in the early stages of development, self-driving cars may help to improve the lives of seniors.  We know that driving is something that many seniors start to feel uncomfortable doing, but giving it up can often mean a loss of independence.  Experts predict self-driving cars will be widely available in as little as ten years.    

Another interesting technological development already available in Denmark is edema socks that detect and signal swelling of the feet and edema.  SmartSox is a similar concept under development that will be a used to “detect excessive pressure, heat and misplaced joint angles that could cause foot ulcers. This is useful because people with diabetes often lose sensation in their feet and can't always feel such changes.” 

Also while not currently being produced, a group of researchers have developed a vibrating shoe insole to improve balance and stability and may reduce falls by as much as 70 percent.  Along those same lines, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are trying to create a shirt with built-in sensors that will be able to administer CPR. 

No article on technological advancements would be complete without the mention of robots.  For years, researchers have been working on robots that will have the required artificial intelligence to serve as health care aides.   In fact as soon as next year, England, Greece and Poland will be testing robot caregivers.    

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